Slender Man’s Shadow

Hosting a Halloween Party this year? So why not invite Slender Man. Slenderman’s Shadow is based off of indie game ‘Slender’. It shares the same gameplay elements as the original – you must complete the objective while avoiding the enemy. With 6 new maps you are sure to scare your friend Sh@#less this year. Just set up a PC in a dark room and send them in one by one.
Your can download the New Maps  here for free:
New Maps
Map 1: Sanatorium v1.4 (DOWNLOAD)
Map 2: Hospice v1.3 (DOWNLOAD)
Map 3: Elementary v1.1 (DOWNLOAD)
Map 4: Mansion v1.1 (DOWNLOAD)
Map 5: Claustrophobia v1.0 (DOWNLOAD)
Map 6: 7th Street v1.1 (DOWNLOAD)
Map 7: Prison (Coming October 2012)
Secret Project (Coming Soon)

Note: If the game doesn’t launch for you, you need to download this DLL and place it in C:/Windows/system32

Got launch problems or the game is running slow? Visit the FAQs page for help.

Mac Users: Did some research, if you have an Intel processor and can dual boot with Windows, the maps should work for you.
Password: Make sure you extract ALL the files from the ZIP otherwise you will be asked for a password.


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